Instructions: Whenever your music note/dash is over anything of the same green color, hit spacebar. For the text-adventure parts, use your mouse to click options and scroll for the long passages.

A game created in 48 hours for the LD 41 compo.

In the land of SONGLANDIA, there lives the minstrel who saved a kingdom.

A text-adventure rhythm game.

[This is the post-compo version. I am still exhausted so there are only minor improvements. The "s" at the end of that sentence barely makes it as there are only 2 improvements. One is that the intro text has been sped up. Two is that the font I was using did not have the è glyph (similar to what is happening now unless you are using a screen reader or something) causing poor Michèla to have a single hi-def letter in her name. So, I changed her name to Michela.]

[Post-post update: Just sped up scrolling a bit, hopefully it'll work but send me feedback about it please as I don't have any kind of mouse on me.]

The game has a few jokes here and there but for the most part, it's mostly serious. I think. Note: That the rhythm game parts are somewhat lacking as getting the audio to sync took an incredible amount of time, and it only truly worked for the last part.  Though the text-adventure parts are fine.

And I'm still quite happy with the result. Especially since I can finally sleep now...

Play time: 5 minutes.$74233

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