Strategies For Bewitching Lotus Flowers

Bewitching Lotus Flowers

This is an excerpt from the strategy guide I planned on writing for the game. Instead, I’ve decided just to take some my ideas and split them into these little tidbits where I detail how I deal with encounters and enemies.

Bewitching Lotus Flowers can heal themselves and other enemies by using their spellcards. They have very low DODGE but compensate with higher HP, especially at higher levels. This can be especially frustrating if their are multiple Lotus Flowers or if they have multiple spellcards with this effect (usually happens at Level 3 and above). I have a few strategies against them that I often switch between during battles:

  1. Fight as normal The healing spellcard they use gets stronger at higher levels, however it gets stronger slower than most of your skills and spellcards. At some point, a single Lotus Flower isn’t much of a threat. This tends to be harder to pull off when there are multiple Lotus Flowers however.
  2. Massive damage If you can bring an enemy below 0 HP by dealing massive damage, then their healing is only effective if they can bring the enemy back to at least 1 HP. This is works best by using a combo like Lucid Barrier + Master Spark. This is often less useful when dealing with multiple Lotus Flowers, or at Level 1 when most skills and spellcards don’t have the damage output to consistently deal massive damage.
  3. Waste their spellcards Often, Lotus Flowers will use their spellcard even if they haven’t taken much damage. Instead of using your best weapons at the beginning, use your reusable skills and wait for them to waste their spellcards. Sometimes you’ll need to switch to Strategy21 due to them having multiple spellcards at higher levels
  4. Use status effects This works wonderfully with Strategy 3 and I considered writing them as the same strategy. I like using Lucid Barrier and Light Sign Circle at early levels since their status effects can’t be healed. This works very well with trying to waste their spellcards since you aren’t dealing (much) damage and they can waste a spellcard on healing what they can’t heal (since status effects can’t be healed).

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