Skill and Spell Progression

This is an excerpt from the strategy guide I planned on writing for the game. Instead, I’ve decided just to take some my ideas and split them into these little tidbits where I detail how I deal with each type of enemy.

Skill Progression

While I won’t list out the exact effects of each skill at every level, I will comment on each’s progression.

Lucid Barrier & Light Sign Circle

This one gets stronger over time, and while it doesn’t deal as much damage as Ofuda of Banishing Flames or Broomride, it does rely on TENACITY making it invaluable for beating enemies that can dodge-tank. It’s secondary effect of making the enemy much more susceptible to damage is extremely useful when it activates (the chance depends on your TENACITY against the enemy’s but at best you’ll have a 2/5 chance of it activating) It does get stronger as you level, though it will always deal less than its POWER-based counterpart. Its use in the late game is mostly to deal with Greater Fairies and Spirits who can sometimes dodge-tank, and early-on for enemies with high HP like Lotus Flowers.

Marisa’a counterpart move does slightly less damage, and is overall less effective due to Marisa having lower TENACITY than Reimu.

Ofuda of Banishing Flames & Broomride

A basic damage dealer. It’s gets more powerful over time and will be your main source of damage early-on (besides spellcards). Late-game, the difference between it and Lucid Barrier isn’t enough to choose it if you’re dealing with an enemy that can consistently avoid attacks, but it’s still useful for when you need to do damage and you don’t have a spellcard.

Broomride is similar but its damage output is more random and spread-out. Other than that, its only difference is that Marisa has higher POWER than Reimu so Broomride is more likely to hit.

Spell Progression

Dream Sign “Evil Containing Cicle”

A basic multi-target damage dealer. At Level 1, it can bring most enemies down to half health in a single turn and when combine with Milky Way it can absolutely ravage entire groups of enemies. It doesn’t get stronger with each level-up however, so it goes from being OP to pretty good to not very useful by the late game. Still, it has its place early on and even by Level 3, but don’t rely on it too much. The tutorial battle makes it seem like a spellcard ends the battle, but these multi-target spellcards are rather ineffective against encounters with only 1 or 2 enemies.

Magic Sign “Milky Way”

Essentially, a stronger version of Evil Containing Circle. It does more damage and Marisa has higher power so it’s more likely to hit. It has the same drawbacks at higher levels however.

Divine Spirit “Fantasy Seal”

This is the only spellcard in the game that you have access to that can heal without using potions. It gets stronger as you level up but its damage output is only mediocre for a spellcard since it only targets one enemy. Still, being able to heal both characters at once (even if you miss the enemy) is great and it can often outpace even upgraded potions.

Amazing for support, when you get it, use it often. It even makes you take 25% less damage!

Love Sign “Master Spark”

The one and only, Master Spark. It targets one enemy and deals a consistent, flat amount of damage depending on your level (At Level 2, 22 damage; At Level 3, 31 damage; At Level 4, 39 damage). At Level 2, there aren’t many enemies besides Spirits that can dodge this move thanks to its high POWER modifier. It works amazingly with Lucid Barrier (when lucky) as Reimu can weaken a tough enemy and make them take 2x as much damage, and then Marisa annihilates them with Master Spark. Like most of Marisa’s moves, it shines at lower levels and gets less effective at higher levels as it doesn’t improve much with level-ups. It’s only increase in damage output is from Marisa’s POWER increasing and a flat +5 to damage with each level-up.

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